Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am participating in MacBook Contest

Bloggin-Ads is having a contest and is giving away 2 Macbook Airs + 10 $100

: 3 prizes, but there will be 12 different winners

  • 2 x MacBook Air (a value of $1,799 each)
    1.6Ghz Intel Core Duo
    2GB Ram
    80GB Internal Drive
    13.3″ Display
    Built-In WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 10 winners x $100 (a value of $1,000)
How to join

Subscribe to Feed ( 1 ticket )- This is the simplest entry method that seems to be very popular. All you have to to is subscribe to my feed via E-mail. I will be able to check the e-mails, but not the feed reader sites. E-mail will just guarantee you an entry.

Participate In Forums ( 1-10 ticket per day ) - Participate in 2 of my forums and you will get entry methods depending on how much you partcipate. The first forum is here on my blog at the top and the second is my EntreForums.

Participate On Bloggin-Ads ( 1 ticket per comment / 5 limit a day ) - As long as you comment on the latest posts and just participate, you’re guaranteed 1 entry per day :-)

Write About It ( 10 tickets ) - Write about this contest and link to me with the anchor text, “blog reviews”. If you don’t use a anchor text, you will still receive 5 tickets.

Stumble / Digg / Propel ( 3 tickets ) - Just Stumble or Digg this post and you get 3 tickets. The DIGG link is here and this is the Propel link.

BONUS ENTRY - May 24th ( 5 tickets ) - Post the contest banner on your blog’s sidebar/blogroll and you will gain these bonus entries. Please use any of the 2 following banners and link it to the contest:


Make sure you leave a comment with what you did and use the same e-mail/website everywhere.

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