Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am participating in MacBook Contest

Bloggin-Ads is having a contest and is giving away 2 Macbook Airs + 10 $100

: 3 prizes, but there will be 12 different winners

  • 2 x MacBook Air (a value of $1,799 each)
    1.6Ghz Intel Core Duo
    2GB Ram
    80GB Internal Drive
    13.3″ Display
    Built-In WiFi and Bluetooth
  • 10 winners x $100 (a value of $1,000)
How to join

Subscribe to Feed ( 1 ticket )- This is the simplest entry method that seems to be very popular. All you have to to is subscribe to my feed via E-mail. I will be able to check the e-mails, but not the feed reader sites. E-mail will just guarantee you an entry.

Participate In Forums ( 1-10 ticket per day ) - Participate in 2 of my forums and you will get entry methods depending on how much you partcipate. The first forum is here on my blog at the top and the second is my EntreForums.

Participate On Bloggin-Ads ( 1 ticket per comment / 5 limit a day ) - As long as you comment on the latest posts and just participate, you’re guaranteed 1 entry per day :-)

Write About It ( 10 tickets ) - Write about this contest and link to me with the anchor text, “blog reviews”. If you don’t use a anchor text, you will still receive 5 tickets.

Stumble / Digg / Propel ( 3 tickets ) - Just Stumble or Digg this post and you get 3 tickets. The DIGG link is here and this is the Propel link.

BONUS ENTRY - May 24th ( 5 tickets ) - Post the contest banner on your blog’s sidebar/blogroll and you will gain these bonus entries. Please use any of the 2 following banners and link it to the contest:


Make sure you leave a comment with what you did and use the same e-mail/website everywhere.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Blogging Life: 2000 to 2007 and Beyond

This post was written by Linda Jo Martin for the "My Experience" series.

I've been blogging since 2000. I started blogging because I noticed the beginning of the online diary phenomena, and wanted to participate. I love web design, and at that time was experimenting with creating various types of sites. For over a year I didn't use blogging software; instead I updated a HTML page by hand. I didn't know anything about blog platforms but I wanted to record fragments of my family's life on the web. At that point, blogging was all about letting people know just a bit about who I was and what my goals in life were.

I started using Blogger.Com right after the 9/11 disaster in 2001 when I was dealing with all the emotions and trauma of that situation. I loved Blogger – so much that I started several blogs: one for my daily life, one for writing about war and justice, and yet another for writing about a popular radio program I listened to daily.

I started another blog to write about the homeschooling I was doing with my two youngest children. I believe that may have been the first homeschooling blog on the Internet; I don't know of any others that date from before then (late 2001).

Blogging has been part of my life for seven years now. At this point I've abandoned all my earliest blogs though I'm in the process of restoring some archives for SEO value. I've transferred all my current blogs to WordPress because again, I'm looking at SEO value. I like to write posts that do well in the search engines; most of my blog visitors come to me that way.

Though I started blogging as a way to write about my daily life, I no longer do that because I feel I've got more important things to write about. Now I like to keep my life more private and have transformed my blogs into services that will help others achieve their goals.

For example, my goal with my writing blog is to help and inspire other writers. Here's the link: Perspectives on Writing -

Why most beginners are not mistaken

You may have seen a post like “why most beginners are mistaken by selecting blogging niche” in many popular blogging blogs. They were hurting me as I was running a blogging blog. But now I say they are the ones who have mistaken. Many beginners start a blogging blog without much knowledge and fail. Selecting ‘blogging niche’ in the beginning is not at all a mistake. The mistake is trying to make it popular and failing. Let me say “every beginner blogs fail”, topic and content doesn’t mater. As I said in my last post, if you make your first blog a training, you can convert the failure to victory. Blogging is the best niche to start with as it let you learn more about blogging. It may fail and nothing is wrong about that. If you have just started blogging, I will encourage you to start a blogging and I will ensure you that you will win in your next blog.

Friday, September 28, 2007

What is your first blog for?

I haven’t heard about someone who earned lot in his first attempt of blogging. If there is one, he is so lucky. Just like that, being a beginner, your first attempt may not get much attention. Don’t worry, you can win next time.

Then, what is your first blog for? Consider your first blog has a learning course. In your first blog you learn and try each and every factor of blogging. Building more than one blog in the first attempt is not a good idea. You just need one blog and you concentrate on it to learn the maximum. If you have learned the maximum with your blog, be sure you will win next time. You learn how to blog perfectly from your first blog, then you use what you have learned to build your second one.

Just try to earn something you may need for your next blogs and don't spend much for your first blog.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Share your experiences of blogging

I have decided to give you an opportunity to share their experience with other readers. You just have to write your experiences of blogging and send it me via email. I will post it in this blog shortly after editing. You get an opportunity to know what other bloggers are doing, plus you can show them what you are doing and what you have done.

What do you get?
The readers would like to see your blog when your post is published here. You get some traffic and link from this blog and the best opportunity to know experiences of other readers. You will get good reviews from me and other readers.

How to write the post
The post must have at least 150 words. You should write about what you have done, what you are doing, what you felt, your mistakes and everything from your experiences. You can use your own style of writing. If you are not a beginner just write the experience when you started blogging.

How to submit the post
You can send it via my email Subject of the mail must be like this: “My experience-{here goes the post title}”