Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reason of my failure

My blogs being failed, I thought why they failed. The blogs was good enough for me but not for others. The main reason for the failure I thought was no one need my blog. So when one visit my blog, they read my blog and thinks this has no use for him. So he will not come back. The content of the blogs was not referable, that created a big problem for me. My content must good enough so that people can use it to refer. As I was a newbie I didn't know the techniques of blogging, I didn't know the method of winning, I even didn't know how to blog. This all was reasons. Even now these problems always disturb me. I thought of putting ads, there was no traffic so there is no meaning in thinking about ads. So I have to learn blogging. Do blogging need learning? Yes, If you want to earn something from it then you have to learn blogging. There is no limit for tutorials in this subject. I choosed one and started learning. You should also select one or more and start your lesson if you are a newbie, you shall see the success. Good luck, god may bless you!

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