Friday, September 28, 2007

What is your first blog for?

I haven’t heard about someone who earned lot in his first attempt of blogging. If there is one, he is so lucky. Just like that, being a beginner, your first attempt may not get much attention. Don’t worry, you can win next time.

Then, what is your first blog for? Consider your first blog has a learning course. In your first blog you learn and try each and every factor of blogging. Building more than one blog in the first attempt is not a good idea. You just need one blog and you concentrate on it to learn the maximum. If you have learned the maximum with your blog, be sure you will win next time. You learn how to blog perfectly from your first blog, then you use what you have learned to build your second one.

Just try to earn something you may need for your next blogs and don't spend much for your first blog.

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Asako said...

Hello Jaseem, I came here through your comment from a blog site I visit often,
Blogging without a blog

You are absolutely right. I started with one blog which is just not getting anywhere. I started the second one. The second one is showing a sign of promise (at least in my statistics).

And now I am really wondering what to do with the first one. I want to re-start it with a new domain name, and new contents. What do people do after starting multiple blogs and finding one that is not doing well?

Jaseem said...

Thank you for your comment. You can delete your blog, change the content... Usually when seeing a blog not working, beginners will delete it. Don't delete it! If you using a free hosted blog like a blogger one and want to delete it, just delete all the content and let it stay. You may want to use it again or spammers will make use of the hardwork you have done for your blog.

Starting a blog with a new domain and new content can't be called re-starting. If you are paying for your old blog, just delete it and start a new one.
I would like to see your new blog!

Asako said...

Thank you for your advice. I will consider the approach.

The second one linked on my name here is doing well. (Just to avoid a mis-communication...)

I do not think I have time to run three blogs, so I have to figure out the turn around of the first one. I guess, I should go in and delete all the posts I do not like, first, then, decide how I re-start...

LewisC said...

I started blogging a few years ago because I like writing. Making money was a second thought.

The blog I am building up now is LewisC's Random Thoughts. That just one of a bunch a I do though.


Barbara said...


When I started blogging, I had anticipated only having one blog,but then the learning process (which I had journaled), ended up becoming the basis for my second blog.

Maintaining my two blogs is very time consuming, but it's working.

I wouldn't recommend more than one blog for a beginner, unless they are willing to spend extra time on micro management.

Jaseem said...

Thank you for your comment.You can run two blogs, but I did it with just one blog and I thought that is enough.
If and only if you have more time to spend, I recommend running two blogs. I can't agree with more than that.