Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why most beginners are not mistaken

You may have seen a post like “why most beginners are mistaken by selecting blogging niche” in many popular blogging blogs. They were hurting me as I was running a blogging blog. But now I say they are the ones who have mistaken. Many beginners start a blogging blog without much knowledge and fail. Selecting ‘blogging niche’ in the beginning is not at all a mistake. The mistake is trying to make it popular and failing. Let me say “every beginner blogs fail”, topic and content doesn’t mater. As I said in my last post, if you make your first blog a training, you can convert the failure to victory. Blogging is the best niche to start with as it let you learn more about blogging. It may fail and nothing is wrong about that. If you have just started blogging, I will encourage you to start a blogging and I will ensure you that you will win in your next blog.

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London Blogger said...

You are so right about the first time bloggers failing. I do freelance web work including help with blog setup. I had a girl come to me a few months ago and she wanted to set up 5 very niche blogs. I encouraged her that this was not really the way to go, but she insisted. Needless to say by 2 months she quit all the blogs and the time and money she spent was wasted. They were too niche and the readers were just not there. I felt terrible that it was a failure, but she would not heed my warnings.

Cosmetic Dentist London said...

Really you need to select a topic that you are truly interested in. That way you can easily post about it daily and your interest will not fizzle out.