Thursday, September 6, 2007

Study your best day

If you think that you don't have any traffic and these tricks I publish here are not working, be patient. A blog with less than 50 posts can only attract a few visitors if it is a beginner's.

Before telling you the tip I’ll tell you to use Analytics if you aren’t using any visit tracking software. If you get high traffic one day and low in another day, what would you do? You should compare the two days in three ways.

  • Posts- What you blogged on the days. If you consider mine, the best day of traffic was when I posted quotes from Problogger. I have written a post about copying from other blogs because of this. You should compare the style, language and every thing in your post.

  • Other tricks-you should submit your post to every popular social networking sites and compare if you have missed or added to a new one.

  • Template- templates can do changes to your traffic, so compare the templates

This is what I call learning and it is a big process. You may call this a research, I will tell you that this is important. I always try to learn from each and every post and it help me a lot.

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