Sunday, August 12, 2007

Why blogging?

I made a blog for just knowing what it is and to give a hand on making money from blogging. I was a bit confused when I sign up for blogger. I didn't know what I would add or how can I make money. The first week was a not at all a waste, it give me lots of knowledge about blogging. What I learned may be but it's important. What about making money, I will tell you later.

But do you think that's the only use? No, the best thing about blogging that it is the best the way to publish what is in your mind. No one will disturb you. You can share your knowledge, your works, your attitude or what ever you think.

Someone think it as a way of coaching for web publishing, but I don't think so. I feel it greater than an ordinary website. The thing is that there will be more readers for a good blog than a ordinary website. You can receive comments easily and add content very easily. Don't wait, start a blog, you have lot to study from it.

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