Friday, August 31, 2007


Let me talk about this blog. I started this blog with an intention to help myself and other newbies in blogging. When my two blogs failed, I searched for a guide that would help. There were lots of sites who help bloggers in making money. Most of them didn’t give a mentionable help to beginners and was meant for intermediates or experts. The blogs for beginners were not so much good or helpful. Me who was searching for a good topic used this problem and started a blog really for newbies and this is it.

This blog is for newbies who are wondering in the blogosphere. I feel this blog helpful to myself. I am not an expert in blogging, then how am I writing these posts? I search in the guides for anything that is useful to me or beginners, do some research and publish here. I will share everything I have done, with you, always.

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