Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A New Blog

After my blogs been failed and deleted I planned of starting a blog with all defects cleared. A blog planned for success, with attractive topic and layout, referable and that gives me lots of money. I searched for topics, but before that I want to make sure I know how to win in blogging. For that I searched in Internet and now also I am in the training. I decided to start a blog on the topic 'blogging'. I knew that there was lots of blogs with excellent posts on this topic. But I wanted to win. I didn't want to start a tutorial or guide about blogging, because I was a total newbie in this subject. So I am made my blog my path of growth and you are reading it- The best Blog of Future- A Newbie's Blog.

I told you that my blog is a planned one. I will talk to you about the planning. As I learned from the earlier blogs I didn't want to place ads before my blog is developed. If do so I have to spend my time for customizing the ads. So I have to develop my blog before placing ads in it. That's why you can't see any ads here. So how can I develop my blog? The first step was posting, so that if anyone reach my blog, they will find my posts useful and good which will make them stick to my blog. Then I will place ads here, but till now only one other than me has visited my blog. I plan my blogging for next week, and make a review today about the post I am going to post tomorrow. That's planning. I want to place ads here in 2 months (praying for that).

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CD Santa said...

If you really want to "win", I suggest changing that eye-burning lime green background. Good luck though.