Saturday, August 18, 2007

Layout setting

Layout is one of the important factor of blogging. I can't read a website with bad layout even if it has the best content. If the contents are images then the layout don't mind much, but when it comes to a blog for reading your colour combination and template must be perfect. When I started this blog, I want to choose a template, I selected Minima as it is one of the most used and easily customizable. Then the next step is colour combination. A blog with only white colour feels very much amateur. I tried different colour combination, one with a background of lime green which was changed later considering the request of readers. Now I am sticking with combination of orange and white.

You don't want to waste space in the screen. I use three column so that I can use maximum space and it provide more customizability. I use the template published at Blogcrowds. There are lot other template in the web. You should create your own if you know how to, so that you get a unique blog. I don't know web designing, that is why I use a made-by-others layout.

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MR-Gee said...

You are right but your template is not pretty readable itself because the link colors are almost teh same as your backgrounds color and I must concentrate to read anchor texts corectly.