Monday, August 13, 2007

One More Blog

Before deleting my first blog I decided to start one more blog. This time I fixed the topic before starting. My blog had a travelogue in it. I knew that no one will search for a travelogue just for reading. In the previous blog I used thisaway template because it provide a suitable atmosphere for reading. But in the second blog I used minima black because here people come not to read but to find something or some pictures. I decorated the blog suitably. This time I had readers, but no one stayed here for long. I think this because they didn't feel my blog as interesting, but this time too I failed to be patient. I didn't give the time for my blog to grow-I delete all the blogs I had. Then I thought of a blog about making money from blogging which had no right to start because I wasn't getting any money from blogging. So I didn't start it being sure it will fail.

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