Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Social networking

I first heard about social networking in the last week. Not a joke, I have told you that my traffic suddenly increased one day to 122 then back to 15. I looked for the reason. It was 'Stumbleupon' who send 114 visits to my blog. I didn't understood what it was. When I open the page that send me this traffic, it shows 'one of our members has added you to stumbleupon'. I read about it in Problogger, I found that there is some relation between Digg and Stumbleupon. Just with a search I found what it was and why it send me this lot of traffic. You can submit blog posts in these sites . A link will be published there. It is just like free ads, (due to lot of links yours may not be noticed, never mind!). I publish all my post in them by myself. You can use pings like Ping-o-matic to update these site that you have updated your blog.

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Anastasia said...

hey this one sounds exciting. i want to give it a try but I don't know how. I clicked the Stumbleupon but I didn't see anything. Can you explain it more clearly, I'll look forward for that post. Btw how do you know you blog traffic. Thanks.

Jaseem said...

Please don't submit your blog now to StumbleUpon. I sad about being Stumbled. You should read this post. You will get traffic for one or two days and will stop then. By Stumbling your blog now, you lose the chance to do it again. You should make your blog good before that and you can get good readers then.

Jaseem said...

You should read the post on analytics