Thursday, August 30, 2007

Selecting Niche

This is what you and I have to do before starting any blog. Most of the new bloggers select very popular topics, which is a big foolishness. When I first started blogging I too was really mistaken by selecting Blogging as a topic. I understand what you are thinking "What about the topic he is blogging on now?” Can you show me a better blog who walk with the newbies in the path of growth in blogging? I searched a lot for one, the result was $%^&^% (nothing). That's why I started this blog.

Starting a blog on a very popular topic is worse than a very unpopular one. If you select a general topic then you have to be bewaring of other blogs on same niche. A blog with a topic which is not known attract no visitors (some times they do when all other factors are OK)Your topic must be unique, and suitable for you, readers and search engines.

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