Sunday, August 19, 2007

When to put ads

Yesterday I was search for a good blogging tutorial for beginners, when I saw a post which says to place ads immediately. The website was a popular one and it says to put ads immediately after making your blog and this was against my opinion. I should say a beginner has to learn lot from making a blog, placing ads have much more. If I put ads now I think that will be a big foolishness. A beginner has to do lot to make his blog good. If he gets lots of traffic then he can place ads in his blog that there is no need of much concentration on working with his blog.

I think that the post I told you was for the full time bloggers who can manage their blogs and ads simultaneously. But I am not a full time blogger and majority are not. Even if I was a full time blogger I will concentrate on my blog not ads until average daily visit to my blog become a considerable amount. It is easy to get there, but takes time. What would you say guys, to put ads immediately or after making good traffic. I know someone will say to put ads now, but a new blog needs lots of work and is not like working with a developed blog.

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Danny Tuppeny said...

Ads aren't that big a deal. Most people are blind to them these days anyway. Just make sure they're appropriate. Users would raher see ads showing things they might be interested in than completely unrelated ads. Make sure you're not showing UK ads to US visitors and vice versa too.

I wrote a blog post recently about this topic :)

Anastasia said...

Well, I'll say "put ads first" lolz. I think you're right it's useless put so many ads but no one visit your blog (mine is a great example >_<) I want to become a internet marketer but clickbank and paypal block/ban my country. So I choose blogging for profit since this is another way to make money. But things are more difficult than I thought and now I think I'm stuck between affiliate marketing and blogging.


A. Marques said...

You can look at it both ways. You may not earn anything from your ads now, but if you create great content and lots of visitors and suddenly you start putting up ads, you might scare a lot of them away. In my opinion, don't exaggerate but make sure your readers know since the beginning that you monetize your blog.

Jaseem said...

Thank you very much for your comment and I partially agree with it. I don't think ads will scare away the readers. You may see this post, scroll down till it shows:Will putting ads on your site hurt your traffic?.