Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How to prepare a Linkbait- 17 easy steps

I was searching for an article on 'how to prepare a linkbait', I can't find a good and useful one. So this the post is on how to prepare a linkbait. Linkbait is a post that attracts links to your blog. You should use your all skill for it.
I don't mind anyone who oppose linkbaiting.
1-Find the topic
A good topic usually pop-up in your mind, there is no need of searching. The topic must be perfect for you, others and search engines, what people is searching for, what people will link etc. Use your creativity for its full extend.
2-Review the topic
Topic is the main part of linkbaiting so you have to review it.
3-The topic should have different opinions
If you write with one opinion then the others supporting you will link your post and ones opposing you will also place the link.
4-Search in the web on the topic.
This is to see the best article written on this topic. Choose the topic only if you can do better than the best ones written.
6-Search in Technorati on the topic
For the same reason of the above tip.
7-Search again
This is for collecting resources for your post.
8-Select the title
A good title is necessary for a good blog and a good post. The title must attract the readers.
9-Redo the tips from 2-8
To make sure you have done it clearly
10-Start writing the post with all you got.
Squeeze out your whole creativity and write. Use perfect language and talk to people. You should use informal word and humor (some sops for the readers). Something that create a discussion must be there in the post.
11-Read the post five times
Make sure you are fully satisfied with it. You may take two different days to do this so you can read it with different aptitudes. If you are doing it as a team call another one from your team to read it.
12-Redo the whole things
13-Review your post
14-Cheers! Publish it
15-Don't forget to post it in Technorati, Digg , StumbleUpon etc.
Give the post maximum publicity
16-It is upto the readers now
17-Use the post usefully
Do something to make money. It can rise you upto a good blogger.

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