Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frequency And Length

While starting the new blog, I had some questions like how long my posts have to be, when often should I post? In almost all tutorials there was a discussion in these topics. Some sites conducted polls to get the peoples view. I know I can't post more than two with only two hours. All the websites told to post one per day and that was suitable for me. As you can see this blog is in the path of growth, I have no usual readers now and lots of posts make new readers stick to my blog, but having readers including feed readers it must be good for author and reader to post one per day. As my blog has no usual readers, if I get time I'll try to post more, the poor thing is I am only getting 2 hours per day. However, I will try to post two per day. I want to post more than 50 in my first month (even if I can't).

Then the matter is about the length. I like to write small but useful posts, even if any tutorial say to post big ones. As a reader I like reading small posts, as a blogger I like to write small posts. If you decide to write a literature work, you can post long ones, but if you can divide them to shorter ones that's better.

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CD Santa said...

As long as the posts are informative, I say the shorter the better. It doesn't matter if you write a novel if 3/4 of the words are just filler.

the a effect said...

i totally agree, if the post is long i never have a look at it. a post should be long enough so that you can read it in one window screen , without scrolling down.
liked the layout of the page, doing a great job, keep it going