Monday, September 10, 2007

Compare and learn

FoFComparison is a way of research. We are going to compare some blogs now, OK? Find most popular blogs on your niche, if it is yours then choose blogs from some other topics. You should compare them and learn. By doing this we get the answer to the question: “What changes should I make to my blog”.

I’ll show you how I did it. I found two blogs that offer guide to beginner bloggers. I’ll show you them:- Preblogging and New2blog. First I have to compare them.let us have a look.

The Preblogging is a Wordpress hosted blog, pretty good template than mine, is using ads, have got its sidebar full, cool widgets, the blogger really know to make the posts long, but it is not like mine and is talking about the tools.

Now let us look at New2blog. It is too using Wordpress, is using a Wordpress inbuilt template, have got links to social media in post footer, have ads, got cool videos, is talking too much about tools and some posts are not at all related to blogging, wow- it was nominated for ‘best blogging blog award’.

There are lots of differences between them and mine. The main one is that they are hosted in their own domain and Wordpress, but I can’t do so as I have no money to pay. The two blogs I mentioned here looks more professional than mine because of the template. the bloggers have made their blogs attractive by images and videos.

What changes should I make?

This is the question we have to answer now. Preblogging and New2blog has filled their sidebars with widgets, it seems pretty good and I should add some more useful widgets. I am going to add some pictures to make my blog to make it attractive, add bookmark buttons in the footer of every post and what ever it makes my blog look more professional.

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Becky @ PreBlogging said...


Thanks for the mention. All the best with your blog !


Jaseem said...

Glad you liked it, I like to read any blog that helps me