Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Increase RSS subscribers with ten steps

I always wanted to increase my feed subscription. When I started this blog, I didn’t have any readers and it was before a month. As readers increased in my blog I tried to increase RSS subscriptions. The tricks worked amazingly and doubled the feed subscribers. I would like to share them with you. They may not double your subscription but will do great.

  • Burn your feed with Feedburner-This will give a two click access to feed readers and work really well
  • chickletize your feed
  • Use full-feed
  • Make it easy for readers-Make it easy for the readers to subscribe in anyway. They don’t want to visit 4 or 5 pages for subscribing. Put links in appropriate places that peoples can catch it easily.
  • Mention the feed in a post
  • Ask people to subscribe-This can be done in your blog or by contacting readers privately.
  • Frequent posting
  • Fix the time of posting- A sudden change in the time of posting is like saying the subscribers “you can go”. I would like to give an example: a person reads his subscriptions everyday at 5pm. One day he found there is no post and unsubscribe. This can be happened if the blogger changed his posting time to after 5. So fix the time and call them back.
  • Don’t display small count-Publishing a count that is low, works negatively and the count will go down in no time. Display it only when you have 150 subscribers.
  • Show your feed before an audience- Communities like MyBlogLog and blogging forums allow you to show your last posts in them. You should use this feature to build subscribers.

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