Saturday, September 22, 2007

Are you on the right track?

Let me quote a comment posted by Barbara from Blogging Without A Blog: “It can be disheartening when you work so hard at posting and the traffic doesn't show up. But, if you truly love blogging and sharing, in the long run it will pay off. Traffic is fickle, and the highs and lows at times may feel like a roller coaster ride, but if your traffic increases from month to month, you know you're on the right track.” Thanks to Barbara for the comment.

When you start a blog the traffic will be low. It may climb the Everest and fall from there and you shouldn’t have to worry about it. If your traffic is increasing month to month, you should be happy that you are on the right track. If it is not, there is a problem with your blog or blogging. It may be the topic, language, template or something else. It is you who can understand the problem and fix it.

My traffic usually increase day by day and I am happy about it. But when my traffic climbs the cliff, I may have to take a vacation for some reasons. Then my traffic, feed subscribers and everything goes down. The reason of the problem is that I don’t have anyone to blog for me. Do you know how to solve this problem? Are you ready to blog for me? If you do, put a comment here.

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Barbara said...

Hello Jaseem,

Thank you for quoting me and my blog post.

I think new bloggers can easily lose their desire to blog if the traffic doesn't "show up.

There are some great bloggers out there, with tons of valuable information to share, and I would hate to see them give up,due to low traffic counts.

Patience is the key.

imran said...

Hello Jaseem..

I like your post very much.
It help me a lot. I love the step by step instruction. And i'm just starting with my first blog. Err i mean my first blog after i fails 2 years ago :(. Anyway i will follow you up and i hope i could learn much from you.

Thanx a lot. Sorry my BI suck :P