Thursday, September 20, 2007

10 Top tricks to increase comments

People consider the comments in a blog as an indicator of quality; so increasing comments are essential for better blogging. I found some useful tricks that can be applied to your blogs.

  1. Remove NoFollow-NoFollow is an attribute used in links that prevent search engines from counting them. In all blog platforms links in comments are set to NoFollow by default. You can remove this by editing the template code. Removing NoFollow is a cup of juice for the commentators. This will encourage the readers to comment on your blog. Read this to learn more
  2. Invite comments- You may ask your readers, friends or relatives to post a comment.
  3. Give a question- Giving a question in the post will attract comments as the readers may like to answer them. This may not be applicable if your blog has a very low traffic
  4. Highlight top commentators- Most of the people like to be highlighted before the crowd. You can do this by putting a ‘Top Commentator Widget’ or something like that. You may link to the commentator in it.
  5. Ask for opinion-You may ask the reader’s opinion in a debate or discussion post. Readers will always tend to comment when their opinion is asked for.
  6. Display recent comments-This will remember the readers that there is a comment form there and a conversation is going on.
  7. Make it easy- People don’t like to waste their time. They don’t want to register an account for commenting. You should remove all barriers like login, registration, filling long forms etc. for commenting
  8. Provide links to the form-You can encourage your readers to put a comment by providing links to your comment form.
  9. Reply to the comments-Replying the comments increase interaction with the readers. if you are not replying, that is enough to decrease your traffic and comments
  10. Comment on other blogs-If you comment on a blog, then the blogger will tend to visit your blog and post a comment. This may be wrong if you are posting an irrelevant comment or in a blog with tons of them. But it is sure that this will increase the traffic

Do you have any more trick post it here. Don't be too shy to post a comment, I have also removed NoFollow.

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BlogOxide said...

Good list of tips, but I'm not sure about the first one. Like removing 'nofollow' doesn't matter for a newly established blog, but for a blog with good PR it'll nearly mean to share it's PR juice. Anyways still researching on the same, and most probably your idea about the removal of nofollow is right.

Jaseem said...

Thank you blogoxide,
Removing nofollow really works, even in new blogs. You should participate in a blogger forum and put a post there like "exchange link with comments". You can have lots of comments from it.

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