Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Submit your blog to search engines

Search engines are a source of traffic to websites. You should ensure that your blog is indexed in search engines. The only search engine that gives traffic to my blog is Google, but I have submitted my blog to other popular search engines like Yahoo, MSN etc. You should do so to ensure you are indexed in them. In most times blogs are automatically added to search engines, you can do it manually through the site submission pages of the search engines. I have given the links to some submission pages below. Find others and your blog to them.

  • Submit to Google
  • Submit to Yahoo!
  • Submit to MSN
  • Submit to Alexa

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    Anastasia said...

    I was desperate and exhausted because I already searched every page on Google and didn't find my blog. I think I put the right keyword but why still I can't find my blog. Then, I read your post and realized how stupid I am. I've never knew that you must submit your blog before Google index you blog. Thx for this *precious* information. I like your blog, it's full of great information, I wonder why don't you monetize this blog?
    Check out my blog and tell me what you think

    Jaseem said...

    No, you are not stupid. Are getting indexed in google now? I think no. In most times google add your blog automatically especially if you are using a blogger blog. There must be other reasons. You should read the SEO posts and all other traffic increasing posts in my blog. I am not monetizing my blog- the reason is here and here.

    You should fill your blog with posts first.You should choose a better template and customize it(like me). Change your blogs language into english. You can remove your navibar which will give a better look. Use a 3 column template or increase width of existing ones.