Sunday, September 2, 2007

When you get stuck!

Most of the bloggers get stuck without knowing what to write for your blog. This happens to even experts. This may happen when your topic is a narrow one.

How to prevent this

Prevention is always better than cure, so try to prevent being stuck using these methods:

• Don’t select a narrow topic. Selecting a wide topic will be hard for blogging, so just make the size of your topic medium.
• schedule your post before two days. You should find the topic and resource for a post before two days.

If you get stuck

You may get stuck even when you use prevention methods. This is how you can get free:

• Write about another blog of same niche. Write a review of a blog of same topic. If you think this will decrease the traffic, then you are wrong. This method even work as a traffic bait for beginners
• Write about news on the topic. Go for a news search and write what you found.
• Write about an older post. This is not recommended for beginners.
• List some useful sites and resources which will help the readers

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