Friday, September 21, 2007

Top four ways to make money from blogs

As I can’t make money from ads, I found some other ways of making money. There are lots of ways and I have selected three suitable ones for beginners.

  • PayPerPost - PayPerPost is a website that provides opportunities to the bloggers for making money from writing posts on topics needed by advertisers. If someone want a post on a topic, he submit the topic in PayPerPost and a blogger write the post, he receives the money provided by the advertiser. You need to register in PayPerPost for using this facility. Your blog must have 19 posts and must be 3 months old.
  • Affiliate Programs-Some websites give money for blogging about them, linking etc. They will give a fixed percentage of their income to you.
  • Donations-You can ask for donations, some may give. Don’t get offended if no one donates.
  • Ads for search-Adsense offer ads for search to your blog. When someone search your blog using google and click on ads appeared in the result page, you get money. I use this because I don't have to spend time customizing ads

I have selected only the three as the others are not appropriate for beginners, even then I don’t guarantee that you can earn a lot.

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