Friday, September 7, 2007

Overcoming challenges

When you start you have lots of challenges, usually a beginner can’t do much with his blog and he doesn’t know how to become good. The essential factors are forgotten while describing tricks and tips.

Make it the best
What do you think about me saying to make the best blog, to beginners! I am not telling to make it good or better, to make the best. There are lots and lots of blogs in the blogosphere and people can’t read all of them. They read the best blogs on their favorite topic. So if one has to select your blog, it has to be the best. Yes, blogging is hard, but beginning is harder! If you start a blog about blogging, there are so many good blogging blogs and who will read yours if it is not the best. You may ask “Is this also important to experts too”. Yes, but it is more important to beginners because they have to get noticed.

Make resources available to reader
Readers come to your blog for something. If you consider my blog, people come here to know how to win in blogging and so I have to give them everything that will make them the best. You should link to other blogs that may help them and don’t think this will decrease your traffic.

Be unique
Most beginners have a temptation to copy everything like topic, template, posts etc. from popular blogs. Quoting from a blog or copying some part of the template is not a problem. But be unique! It’s your blog and it is you who have to lead it to success, not any other blogs or bloggers. People come to your blog for something different. if not, why they to your blog?

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