Saturday, September 1, 2007

What I did to increase my traffic

I know you won’t like this. This is post which you can see in any blogs, but it’s my duty to share what I did with you. Before increasing traffic you should make your blog sticky. That is, to make your blog feel better to readers. You should prepare your blog (do what I said in previous blogs).
1. Comment on other blogs-You should be a blog reader before being a blogger. Commenting on popular blogs is a way to be linked in them. This method is said to be the best thing you could do to increase traffic
2. Use social bookmarking
3. Use any SEO tips from any blogs
4. Write a traffic bait- Use your full creativity for a post. You can increase traffic from social networking sites in this way
5. Participate in a forum-I have found this way really useful. Actually it is from forums I get most of my visitors. Find a blogging forum on your topic and participate in it.
6. Exchange links with other bloggers

There any many other ways, but I have used the above methods only.

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