Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meta tags for SEO

You may have heard that META tags can be used for increasing search engine rank. I have heard too, but it can’t be a good method. It can be used as a tool that will improve your rank in search engines which use it. It is not at all important than any other SEO trick. I haven’t felt any use from them.

META tags have lots of other uses. Some search engines search for META keywords in a site (not Google). I will not recommend them and is not at all useful to beginners.

If some one wants to use them here is the syntax:

<meta content="keywords separated by commas" name="keywords">
<meta content="description" name="Description">

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Love Web Design said...

There is much consideration around meta tags in that they do not have much use these days isnt there? I have them on my site, but they haven't done much good for me, am in the process of tweaking to improve status, although that isn't particularly working either - although it is early days :)