Monday, September 24, 2007

Why quantity is important for blogs

If you ask an expert how to increase traffic for your blog, he will share some tips with you. Still if you find the tips not working, it may be because that the quantity of content is low, there may be other reasons. I’m not talking about anything else, but quantity.

The tricks used for better blogging like social networking, link exchanging etc; works better when you have lots of content. When I started this blog I used some but found them useless, but now I find many of them amazingly useful. There have been lots of changes to this blog since it started. Quantity also increased. I find the tricks more and more useful each time my quantity increases. Search engines consider the quantity also for the ranking and lots of content can increase your search engine rank.

Lots of content is a type of “giving readers what they want”. A person reads my blog because he wants to make his blogging better. So I have to give him the maximum I can that make one’s blogging better and that’s what I meant by increasing quantity. You have to post a lot before seeing those tricks working. Still you have to make it easy for the readers to find what they want.

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