Friday, September 14, 2007

Make Your Blog Look Professional

You have a blog with tons of good and useful posts, you have done all traffic increasing tricks, and still you don’t get visitors. Why? Many popular blogs post useless and long posts still the posts don’t decrease their traffic. When someone sees your blog they should see your posts and find them useful, but before that they will evaluate your blog. I have seen many blogs with cool and useful posts and they don’t get much traffic. Even I am affected by this problem. I have to solve this problem and for that I have to list the things that are counted by readers and then fix the problems.

Domain-Unlike any other factors your domain name is evaluated before someone visit your blog. As I can’t buy my own one I am using a ‘blogspot’ sub-domain. I have to find a way to make money outside my blog.

Host-Yes, host counts. I don’t know why but Wordpress blogs have more traffic than blogger blogs. It may be because it looks more professional.

Template- When a visitor sees your blog it is the template which first come to his eyes. I have been trying to make my template cool. I added a favicon, some widgets, made a logo and selected a color combination for my blog. I am still trying to making it better.

Number of posts- Number of posts means how much big your blog is. Most people like to read bigger blogs rather than small ones. But blogs with fewer posts also get good traffic if the blogger is experienced and popular. To know why, you have to ask an expert. You should fill your blog with good

Number of comments- Number of comments is considered by readers as the indicator of traffic. You should do something to attract comments. Replying to the comment, giving link to comment form, thanking commentator etc. are the ways to attract comments. I you have any more ideas share it with us.

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