Wednesday, September 26, 2007

11 things readers want in a blog

1-Content-Everyone reads a blog for content!

2-Good look-Bloggers and readers like a good look

  • Color combination-A color combination that makes it hard for reading says "go back" to the readers.
  • Font-When selecting font, remember "it is for reading".

3-Links-What do you think about a webpage without links?

  • Links to their blogs (If they have)-Is there anyone who doesn’t like a link to his own blog?! (Don't worry about this)
  • Link to other useful blogs-People read blogs for content and you should show them where to find it.
  • Links to related posts-They can read more if they want.

4-Navigation tools-Reading a blog without anything for navigation is like being lost in a forest.

  • Archives-Without archives how can readers find old posts?
  • Search box-Help the readers to find what they want.
  • Categories/Labels-Categorized navigation for finding posts on interested categories.

5-Feed-Help readers subscribe and make loyal visitors!

  • Feed burned with Feedburner-Feedburner helps the readers to subscribe easily.
  • Link to Feed-If there is a feed, there is a feed URL. If there is a feed URL, there must be a link to it.
  • Feed chicklets-Give one click access to their readers.

6-‘Contact Me’ form/link/email-If anyone wants to contact you private.

7-Comment forms-All blogs have this. If anyone has hidden comment forms, show them for your readers.

8-About-They want to know what the blog is about.

  • About page-They may like to know more about your blog.
  • About the blogger-Yes, about you too, bloggers.

9-No NoFollow-I am a fan of DoFollow.

  • In comments-Extra value for commenting.
  • Anywhere in the blog-You are really selfish, if the whole blog is ‘protected’ with NoFollow. Remove NoFollow entirely from your blog.

10-Images-Beautiful images for beautiful blogs.

  • Inside posts-Readers can understand more easily through images.
  • Outside posts-Readers love to read beautiful blogs.

11-Money-Everyone wants money! If you can't spend any, just put a paid review button or something like that.

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Barbara said...


You hit the nail on the head with this list. And, yes, content is number one.

Our readers come to our blogs in hopes of learning, and it is through content, we give them what they want.

Keep up the great posts.